We can increase our emotional intelligence

We need to increase our emotional intelligence if we want to "be" a better society. To do this we must train ourselves to believe that it is necessary to be more "emotionally intelligent" and get to work on it.

Exercise, simple sport, move. Write, relax, listen to the music that you like, meditate on yourself. All this will open the way you think, and it will help you to be more alert.

Really, do not overdo it with meat, eat more healthily, take nuts, fish, fruits, vegetables, very little alcohol, more water.

Learn, learn constantly. Listen, take notes, read, listen again.

Quiet, do not get nervous. Breathe, do not be angry, do not be put off by the violence of thought. Others are doing "something". Guess why.

Be organised by the day, week, life. Divide each activities according to their actual importance. Don't do anything that is empty or very easy.

Back to relaxation. But you need not hold a relaxing book, simply look at a park, breath and escape for a moment of a disgusting place where you are. Return to perform some exercises, looks out the window, go outside and look, look closely at a flower.

And remember that it is very important to do things well, but only one thing at a time. Those around you are to help. Learn to differentiate their symbols, their intentions. The people are good, even very good. Except when they are bad or very bad.